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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

Imagine a life where you never got a say. How would that make you feel and how would you even learn to make good choices? This what being a kid feels like sometimes.

That's why I want to share with you a simple activity we call "Kid Time". By practicing this activity children feel like they have some control over their lives, learn to make good choices and discover new things they love.

Check it out to find out if this is the right approach for your family too!

 On this podcast episode I talk to you about:

  • How little say children often have in their own lives and how we would feel if we were in their shoes.
  • How and why giving kids some decision-making power helps to empower them and teaches them how to make good choices
  • How to practice "Kid Time" with your children
  • How to create boundaries with freedom during "Kid Time"
  • Why this is a great activity to build a strong bond with your child.

For full show notes, click here.


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