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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Nov 11, 2020

On this episode I share with you 3 daily practices to shift your mindset, lower your stress and anxiety and help you find happiness and peace in your current life situation.

On this episode Mama Instincts talks about:

  • How happiness is not some big thing that happens to us, but it is found in the every day little things.
  • How we can control our attitude and our happiness.
  • 3 daily mindfulness practices that help us:
    • start our day with a better mindset
    • recognize and chose happiness
    • feel more grateful about the good things in our lives
    • lower our stress and anxiety levels by focusing on the now and those things we can control over

After listening to this episode you will understand how these 3 daily practices can help you stay in the present, shift your mindset and bring more joy into your life. I invite you to try these 3 daily practices for 30 days and notice the difference yourself, and of course, share your progress with me! After all, we're in this together.

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