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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

There are times when kids feel as if they have no control over anything and then there are times when there are so many options that it's completely overwhelming to them. Both situations can lead to meltdowns or frustration. But this simple trick will help your child feel like they have some control in their life while also maintaining boundaries. Give your child the option to choose. Broccoli or peas? Painting or play dough? Quiet time or book time? Puzzles or Legos?

 On this podcast episode I talk to you about:

  • How you can empower your children by giving them choices
  • Finding opportunities to offer your child choices
  • How to keep it simple so it's more effective
  • How giving your children choices actually prepares them for the future
  • How giving choices actually helps to set boundaries
  • What you need to know before offering choices
  • The right and the not-so-right way to offer choices

After listening to this episode you will see the benefit to both you and your child that comes from giving choices. And most likely, this will become an important parenting tool for you, just like it has for our family.

For full show notes, click here.


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