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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

As moms we tend to put ourselves last, especially when we have young kids. Sometimes even the thought of making time for ourselves can sound stressful because time is one of the things we all could use more of. But in order to be a peaceful, patient and loving parent you need to feel this way inside first.

How can we accomplish this easily? By practicing self-care! Self-care doesn't need to be hard, elaborate nor take a lot of time. And the easiest way to practice self-care and to recharge yourself is to carve out a little space in your home for you.

Having a space in your home that is dedicated to self-care is a physical reminder of how important it is to take time for you, mama. To refresh and recharge yourself so that you can tackle the rest of your life with vigor.

On this episode Mama Instincts talks about:

  • A simple change you can make in your physical space to help you to be a happier, more peaceful parent
  • Why every mom needs a self-care nook, even when she doesn't think she needs it
  • How to set up a self-care nook in your home
  • What kind of items should be in your self-care nook

After listening to this episode you will be inspired to make a space in your home for YOU. This will be a reminder for you to take care of yourself physically and mentally, in order to maintain your happiness and to be a more peaceful parent.

For full show notes and resources click here.

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