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The Mama Instincts Podcast

May 1, 2019

Self-development is not a luxury, it is not selfish. Working on yourself not only improves your own quality of life but makes you a better parent because you become aware of things you were doing on auto-pilot, like yelling when your kids are not listening.

It's when we work on ourselves and recognize what we're thinking and feeling that we can stop unwanted reactions and parenting ways. Self-Development is how we change and become better parents.

Can you afford not to work yourself?

On this podcast episode we talk about how self-development is tied to parenting and how it is key to help you become a better parent. I also share with you 2 practices that you should incorporate in your life to become a more peaceful and happy parent.

On this episode Mama Instincts talks about:

  • How and why working on ourselves makes us better, more peaceful and happier, parents
  • How to even start working on ourselves - hint: it is not hard!
  • What does it mean to become aware of our own thoughts and why we should practice this
  • 2 powerful techniques that can take us from reactive parenting to peaceful parenting 
  • And how using these 2 techniques will help you live a more fulfilled and joyful life

Rediscovering yourself, those parts of yourself you didn't want to think about, will allow you to discard the behaviors you don't want to pass down to your children and instill new habits that will help you raise independent, courageous and secure children.

After listening to this podcast episode, you will realize that self-development is not a selfish thing to do but it's actually the way to becoming the parent you were truly meant to be, to create a life you enjoy living and to parent in a way that's more effective yet more gentle. 

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