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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

As parents we have the power to stop the negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk. Doing this is not as simple as telling your child "you can do this!", because that doesn't always work or have an impact on your children.

On this podcast episode I'm going to show you the 3 letter word than has taken my children from "I can't" to "I can". This simple yet powerful word has given them the confidence to understand that we need to have patience and perseverance when learning something new or when things aren't exactly the way we want them to be.

On this episode Mama Instincts talks about:

  • Why is being aware of your state of mind  (mindset) so important
  • What to do when you catch yourself or your child having negative self-talk
  • A powerful 3 letter word that will bring your child from I CAN'T to I CAN
  • What the most successful people in the world have in common
  • How to instill positive self-talk in our children
  • How to raise confident and courageous children that will go after their goals
  • What we tell children now will become their inner voice as adults and how to use this power wisely

After listening to this podcast, you will understand how to use this powerful 3 letter word to stop the negative self-talk immediately and give back your child the confidence to believe they can, to believe in themselves. It will not only show your children that they can accomplish any goal they set out to do, but it will also teach them how to patience, perseverance and that failure is not a bad thing.

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