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The Mama Instincts Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some parents seem to be more calm than others? Would you like to be a more peaceful and calm parent but not sure where to even start?

It all starts with YOU. All you need are simple strategies that you can implement in your life to be a more calm, peaceful and loving parent (and person too!).

On this episode Mama Instincts talks about:

  • The most important thing you can do every single morning to set yourself up for success and to be a more calm and peaceful mom.
  • Why surrounding ourselves with uplifting messages is a powerful reminder to be who we really want to be.
  • Why we need to practice self-care, even when the kids are with us 24/7, in order to instill calmness in our homes. And what does it even mean to practice self-care.
  • How to fill up your own patience bucket so you have enough patience when things get rough.
  • How to recognize when you need to pause and recharge yourself.
  • The importance of refueling your mind and body, why we should do this daily and how to do it even if you're a stay-at-home mom.
  • How to use humor and the presence of our children to learn how to live in the moment.
  • Why we should always find things that bring us joy.
  • Why having realistic expectations can help us stay calm, even when things are a bit hectic.

After listening to this podcast, you will understand how to use this powerful 3 letter word to stop the negative self-talk immediately and give back your child the confidence to believe they can, to believe in themselves. It will not only show your children that they can accomplish any goal they set out to do, but it will also teach them how to patience, perseverance and that failure is not a bad thing.

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